Indian Head Massage Training Course

Head massage course in UK, Massage course

Course duration: One day

Cost: £130

Qualification Attained: Guild Training International

Location: Frimley or mobile depending on class size

Dates: 9.30am – 2.30pm on the following dates – Tue 8th September 2015 / Tue 2nd February 2016 (scroll to bottom of page to book)

Indian Head Massage is an Asian massage technique that has been practised and performed within families in India for hundreds of years, and has become main stream in the last decade, largely due to the immediate relief it can offer. Indian Head Massage Training Course is ideal for beginners with no massage experience or therapists looking to add this popular therapy to their existing treatments.
The treatment combines a variety of techniques to massage the body areas like upper parts of arms, shoulder area, upper portion of the back, neck area and a concluding facial massage, all done while the client remains in comfortably seated position. The lymphatic and circulatory functional areas are stimulated, improving the dispersal of toxins out of stressed muscles, and re-establishing ease and smoothness of movement.
No oils are used during the treatment, which enables therapist to understand the action of massage processes on the various muscle groups in the body. Stress in the muscles gets relieved and painful knots just drains away. But oils can if used if a client requests for them. For bookings or more information, please call Rebecca on 07956 606844 or contact us by email:

Module list:

1. Introduction, Reception & Consultation
2. Anatomy & Physiology – Skin & Hair Types
3. Anatomy & Physiology – The Muscular System
4. Anatomy & Physiology – The Skeletal System
5. Anatomy & Physiology – The Cardiovascular & The Lymphatic Systems
6. Anatomy & Physiology – The Endocrine, The Nervous & The Respiratory Systems
7. Anatomy & Physiology – The Skin
8. Contra-Actions & Contra-Indications
9. Massage Benefits
10. Preparation
11. Massage Mediums & Benefits
12. Marma Pressure Points & Chakras
13. Technique – Upper Back & Shoulder Massage
14. Technique – Upper Arm & Neck Massage
15. Technique – Scalp Massage
16. Technique – Face Massage
17. Treatment Adaptations & Aftercare
18. Practical Module

Entry Requirement:

No previous experience is necessary to complete our Indian Head Massage training course.

Class Size:

Classes in small groups with student specific guidance – 1-8 students per class.

Examination System:

E-learning & practical.

The course is beautifully written and accompanied by images, video clips and a voice-over. Upon completion of the online theory modules, you will receive a PDF manual which you can refer back to. Seventeen of the modules and examinations are completed online with full online support available.
You will also be assessed by Rebecca Amlani at Beautivision. You will have the opportunity to practice the routine on friends and family before being assessed at a time to suit you. After completing the Indian Head Massage Training Course, successful students will receive a GTi Indian Head Massage certificate which is acceptable for insurance purposes with The Guild of Beauty Therapists.

Course Fees:

£130.00 including a comprehensive training manual to support your ongoing learning.

A Deposit of £40.00 is payable in advance with the course balance of £90.00 due/payable 14 days prior to the course date.